Why did I choose Software Development?

One of the most important goals in my life has been to go above and beyond in all aspects. I started working as soon as I could, I saved almost all of my money and set it aside. My intention was to go into business trade. After years of life going in different directions, I found myself lost. I chose to go on one of those career choice quizzes, there I was selected for software development and honestly I was little scared of going into it.

Software Development is very tricky and complicated, it almost reminds me a bit of mathematical equations — something I have struggled with quite a bit. Although, I feel intrigued to learn more. Creating codes and understanding how to navigate through so much gives a sense of satisfaction.

Back in those myspace days, I ran my own website that I coded and fixed up all by myself at just age 15. I had something going there, a small business — someone wanted a myspace layout, filled out a form (created by me), paid me, and I coded it for them for fun. I did this because it was so easy and a quick escape from my everyday teenage life. Unfortunately, we all know what happened to myspace, it faded out, and other platforms became the new thing.

On this journey, I really am hopeful that I will successfully learn all I need to know through this program. I would like to be able to tell a greater story later on, explaining exactly how I have been able to code and manipulate the software inside my computer. Until then, please wish me luck on this path.